A NaNo Novel & More

Welcome to What the Moon Saw!

If you’ve found your way here, it means you’re interested in following along with my novel-planning and -writing exploits for the 30 days of National Novel Writing Month. Right now, this site is open to the public, but soon, it will be closed.


First and foremost, because writing a novel is a very private, very special endeavor, and sharing a draft with the whole wide world is not something that I recommend, not even for the most experienced of writers.

Second, because for the month of November, I am only going to open this blog to a select few. Okay, hopefully not that few. In fact, I’m hoping to open it to a whole bunch of you. How do you get the special invite? You make a donation. No, not to me (although I’d certainly never turn that down). You make a donation to a cause that is near and dear to both my heart and to the novel I’m writing. For all the details, go here.

This blog will be open for the next week or so, in the hopes that it will garner more attention, get you all a little addicted, and hopefully bring in more donations from those of you who are interested in take the entire wild, crazy, 30-day ride that is NaNo.

Hope to see you on the wild, moonlit path, s.



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