A NaNo Novel & More


What the Moon Saw is the title of the novel that I’m writing for National Novel Writing Month.

Shanna Germain (that’s me!) is a writer, editor, teacher, geek and more. You can read all about me, my exploits and my adventures on my website. You can also friend me at the National Novel Writing Month website.

This blog is the place where you can follow my writing and planning process, where you can read excerpts of the novel as it’s written and rewritten, and generally play along.

This blog and all that’s in it (unless it’s been written by you) is also private property, copyrighted by me, Shanna Germain, 2010. Please do not copy, share, or otherwise beg, borrow or steal. You are welcome, however, to crow about the site (or the novel!) if you are inclined to do so. (And if you want to share something from this blog, feel free to ask me — I’m very accommodating and easily flattered).

May the moon light your dark paths, s.



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